Klipsch Reference Theater Pack Review

A great number of audiophiles appreciate and can tell the difference between music and movies sound performance with and without reference theater pack. It is incontestable that you get a whole new lot of audio experience with the theater pack than without them.

Your best plug for an improved soundbar system for your audios is an external AV receiver with a 5.1 speaker system. This might mean a room full of different speakers, you can be rest assured that they would add to the decor of your interiors, and by the way, they really are not that huge of a speaker.

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

Klipsch Reference Theater Overview

Klipsch reference theater pack also belongs to Klipsch’s unique reference series. The model is made from premium technology and acoustic materials with an incredible 5.1 surround sound system design.

Interestingly, there is a wireless subwoofer with the pack and you can easily pair the device with an AV receiver to enjoy your favorite audios. You get to experience a full cinematic sound right at the comfort of your home.  

Klipsch Reference Theater Pack was made with the idea of bringing cinematic sound performance to users and lovers of floor-standing speaker models regardless of room size or budget. You can take for sample, the reference theater pack 5.0.

This model of reference theater pack comes with 4 identical units and a center channel unit satellite speakers. The model is merged by Klipsch’s R-8SW subwoofer which is on sale for two hundred and fifty euros.  

Tractrix Tactics

The speakers under the reference theater pack are considered by Klipsch to be the mini versions of the full-size cabinet reference series. For each speaker, there is a passive model which features a horn-loaded high-frequency driver, one of Klipsch’s unique selling points.

The cabinet encompasses an aluminum linear Travel Suspension tweeter taken from the brand’s reference floor-standing speakers reduced from the usual 1 to 0.75in. Around the model’s square is the Tractrix horn which targets high-frequency performance with improved balance and dynamics at any listening position. 

The model’s midbass is also molded in copper-colored IMG drivers which give the speakers a 2-tone aesthetic just like every other one on the lineup. Two of these can be found in the center channel cabinet, there are others around the board at 3.5in units. It is however obvious that the overall design and styling of the model is a bit different from that of the Klipsch norm.

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

The full-size speaker prides a unique and serious feel with lots of right angles convention. Every part of the cabinet is a bit slightly curved which causes the square corners to have beveled edges. This suits the copper and black look giving it a compact and approachable size. It is true that the reference theater pack are small as they are just 11cm wide and 19cm high with a center of 27cm wide and 11cm high. The heft to these series is of a reasonable amount compared to their size and weight. 

The grilles that come with the Klipsch reference theater are so rightly placed thanks to the magnetic fixings, great quality for the price. When a careful look is placed on the speaker terminals, one is bound to see the spring-loaded and the inset like a bare-wire cable, together with keyhole fixings for easy mounting.

There is also enough breathing space for the speaker’s rear ports which are a little bit set back. The R-8SW subwoofer uses just one 8 down-firing driver with a 150W class D amp power. Every connection made to the LFE or the stereo phono is standard but be reminded that the subwoofer which is raised off the ground only by four feet has only paper specification.

The theater pack has a reasonable low-frequency response of 38Hz and a pretty quick installation giving you fewer troubles. You have a range of options to pick from for the installation. You can either have them on AV furniture or effortlessly have a wall-mount against the front wall with a slim-line Marantz NR1710 AV receiver on the power duty and processing.

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Klipsch Approach

The device’s approach to performance is quite awesome with an incredible audio delivery. With Klipsch’s reference theater pack, you can expect a balanced high-frequency with a detailed mid-range together with a vibrant approach to low-end. 

Basically, the reference theater pack produces a bigger sound compared to its size and the performance users might expect from it. It has 91dB (satellites) and 95dB (center channel) for the high sensitivity ratings which is equal to a simple drive fit for connection with a low-cost AV receiver. 

Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack, Brushed Black Polymer Veneer


A test of Klipsch reference theater pack; the R-8SW was made with an AC/DC had rock thunderstruck CD through a system with 6 subwoofers at a HiFi show. The process was uniquely marked different due to the remarkable sound performance from the combination.

The R-8SW ensured to discard unnecessary bass bloat that would have affected the kick drum and the ponding floor, rather, it gave quality and rhythmic backbone for the high frequency to roll with. The clear and smooth sound really didn’t go unnoticed. Let’s voyage yet again, through some of the performances of Klipsch reference theater pack.

General Performance

The reference theater provides different and dynamic performances from all ranges. Let’s start first with the cinematic performance:

Cinematic PerformanceThe reference theater pack from Klipsch produces greater acoustic performance much more than most products you find on sales. How do they do this? They leverage the Injection Molded Graphite woofers with the rigid lightweight cones which in turn provides an exceptional low-frequency response with very reduced distortions.

Moreso, another feature that minimizes distortions for better performance in the system is the Linear Travel Suspension Tweeter. The tweeter is a hallmark for all Klipsch’s reference series lines which makes it a very important component of the best speakers found on the market. Here are what you somethings you should also be on the lookout for:

Horn-Loaded PowerAnother unique technology with the reference theater pack is the tractrix horn with aluminum tweeters which work to offer the most brilliant high-end response, an incredible extension, quality imaging, and detailed dynamics. Aloof theses together produce the clearest, natural, and balanced possible sound. 

Detailed and Wireless bass- It is no news again that the subwoofer is down-firing wireless made to offer room-filling frequencies without taking too much of users’ space. There is the 2.4GHz connectivity that gives room for premium and CD-quality sound wherever it is placed in a room. 

This can simply be done through a simple connection of the compact prepaid transmitter to the LFE or subwoofer out on the receiver to get the best fit and extraordinary performance.

Moreover, the built-in digital subwoofer amplifier holds ample power with a very high efficiency together with a true-to-source exactness. The placement of the wireless subwoofer can be complemented by flexible systems as each satellite speaker comes with a keyhole mount with a ¼’’ x 20 threaded insert. 


Aside from producing a classic device with awesome sound performance, Klipsch made extraordinary yet simple devices. They really kept the reference theater pack simple with just a 5.1 setup. The Klipsch reference theater pack looks more like an update from HD 5OO but with more classic features and essential tweaks.

The system has four satellites with a very hard identification as they look so much alike. These satellites have iconic IMG drivers all in a 3.5 inch with a 0.75-inch horn-loaded tweeter. The cabinets are rather small, made with black plastic materials, measure 5.5 inches deep, 7.7 inches high, and 4.5 inches wide.

The Klipsch reference theater pack just like some expensive focal satellite features a set of spring clips. This could mean that you can only pin plugs right at the ends or you might consider not too thick wires.

Moreso, there is another 3.5-inch driver which is loaded into a larger cabinet when the satellites are paired with the center channel. Another package yet again is the 8-inch wireless subwoofer in a rough foot square box. There’s the kit that contains a wireless transceiver for the sub where you can connect to the LFE channel and power on the AV receiver.

Sound Performance

The four satellites with the other one will offer you a satisfactory and coherent sound. Even with the compact size, you can look forward to a room-filling sound with impressive dynamic range regardless of where the volume has been pushed at.

You get awesome performances with the battle scenes in ‘’Game of Thrones’’ even when the volume is daily loud. Aside from the loud volume, you get solid clearness together with smooth bass.

Also, you get all of the natural sounds any reference theater pack has to offer. The subwoofer will give you every detail of the thunderous roar in your movies, the tinging sound from water movement, the hushed quiet from a forest, the buzzings from birds and insects, and every other detail in a fine and excellent process. 

The Setup

Since the satellite speakers that come with the reference theater pack satellites are tiny, the bass aren’t much of a big deal. If a track is being kept, the bass is no more than 3 decibels down at 110 Hertz. What this means is that it is quite important that your bass management on the AV receiver is set correctly to 100Hz for the speakers at least.

Since the speakers’ sound is a bit directional, it is advisable to aim all of the five speakers toward the listening position to get the best out of the usage. 

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

Why “Klipsch Reference Theater Pack”

The system might seem all small and compact in size, you should not however underestimate its capabilities as you are sure to get more than what is obvious to the eyes. The system delivers solid sound and thumping bass for users regardless of the room’s size.

It’s a very good system for the money and can be combined with the likes of Debut B4 speakers, Debut C5 speakers, ELACDebut B5 pair, among others to get the best out of your reference theater pack. 

Moreover, compared to other speakers, Klipsch speakers typically consume the room when the grilles are on, something you don’t find from speaker systems every day. In case you are in search of an absolute surround system that looks compact and delivers at its best, then the Klipsch reference theater pack is definitely your pick.


  • Comes with an 11.8 x 11.8 x 13.3 inches dimension
  • 32 pounds in weight
  • Produce superb acoustic performance while keeping a minimal footprint
  • Down-firing wireless subwoofer
  • Satellite speakers
  • Threaded insert together with keyhole mount
  • Cinematic sound
  • Incredibly excellent sound from a compact 5.1 surround speaker
  • Low-end muscle with the included subwoofer
  • Has a pretty flexible placement
  • Detailed and robust bass
  • Reduced distortions
  • Cinematic sound performance
  • Consists of Horn-loaded power.


  • Might be a bit expensive for its size
  • Spring clips tend to be a little fiddly
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Our Verdict

It is more than obvious that from the spec of the Klipsch reference theater pack, one can submit that it is a superb device with extraordinary features and impressive functions. The pack offers amazing sound compared to what it looks like but there are other bigger-box speakers on sales that’d sound better.

So, if you do not mind the compact size and are okay with the awesome features of the Klipsch reference theater pack, then the system is a good pick for you and your room.

In Conclusion

It’s amazing working through the Klipsch reference theater pack and without much ado, you can obviously tell that the system is a very good option for the money. With five different sub speakers, you get the best sound performance from Klipsch’s reference theater pack and you can rest assured that your money has been put to valuable use. When we say you can’t go wrong with a device or speaker system, you truly can’t go wrong with it. 


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