MXL 990 VS 770 MICROPHONE Reviews

MXL 990 VS 770

Is MXL 990 a good microphone? Or is MXL 770 a better one? Which should I go for between 990 and 770? Which of the products last longer? How do I mount any of these products? What are the features of MXL 990 and 770? Should I go for MXL products at all? Which of the products sounds better? Worry less, because I will be discussing extensively all of these and providing answers to your questions. Whether it should be mxl 770 vs mxl 990 or vice-versa, Let’s first start by knowing more about the MXL microphones.


MXL brand includes audio gear and microphones made by Marshall Electronics which has its headquarters in southern California. The company has employed more than 200 staff members at their headquarters. However, the company has a factory in China- MXL, where most of their microphones are manufactured.

The company has manufactured a wide range of Microphones. The mxl mics include MXL V88, MXL V67, MXL V177, MXL V250, MXL USB- 77, MXL UR- 1, MXL Unitar, MXL Trophy, MXL LSC- 1B, MXL 991, MXL 990, MXL 606, MXL 770 among others.

MXL 990, XLR Connector Condenser Microphone

MXL products are one of the most recognized companies when it comes to producing standard-quality microphones with amazing frequency responses. Each and every time a new model comes out, there are always improvements in its designs which ultimately follow the latest trends.

It has been up to over thirty years since MXL has been producing microphones and a home recording boom. Their affordable prices have helped upgrade several studios and basements. MXL mics are good for recording songs, making movies, or even for live broadcasts for either professionals, hobbyists, or musicians.

They feature lots of artists on their website where they also host giveaways to their consumers monthly. Their products are of standard quality with standard frequency response and at a very affordable price. The comparison of mxl products is mostly to exhibit the features of the selected products to ease users’ choice. Let’s start with mxl 990.

MXL 990

MXL 990 belongs to the large diaphragm condenser microphones that offer a nice pleasant sound to musicians, vocalists, and home-based producers sitting below the triple-digit price point. MXL 990 has a vibration-absorbing shock mount and a space-saving stand adapter that gives a professional and moveable mic placement and it consists of 130dB in sound pressure level. The condenser microphone can be carried around from one location to the other with the help of the case carrier that comes with it as it weighs  1 1bs. 1.21bs.

MXL 990 Blackout, Condenser Microphone, Limited Edition

MXL 990 possesses many solid components like the 6-micron, a FET preamp with balanced output, and a gold-sputtered diaphragm. All of these complimentary features help to instill tight lows and mids, great frequency response with pleasant highs, and standard sound quality in the mic. Its specified response effectively reduces background noise that may disturb home recordings. The MXL 990 can be plugged into the XLR mic input of any mixing board, audio interface, or mic preamp that can provide a 48V power supply.MXL 990 Blackout, Condenser Microphone, Limited Edition MXL 990 provides the total performance needed to meet the standards of analog and digital recording systems. Moreso, it gives a full bandwidth tone with less gain to highs, lows, and midrange.

Mxl 990 also possesses a cardioid polar design which absorbs every little sound from the mic’s background and disperses them evenly. This way, one can be less concerned about the disturbing noise in the background as the mic takes mostly the sound in front of it than the ones behind.

However, MXL 990 being a condenser mic with FET preamp, will require an audio interface that can send +48V phantom power. This can be done by connecting it through an XLR cable or microphone preamp. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the condenser microphone (mxl 990) may produce an artificial sound when a high pass filter is applied to the vocals.

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  • It has a full frequency response and is highly sensitive with a 30 Hz to 20 Hz
  • A polar pattern cardioid sensitivity design that reduces background noises
  • Polar pattern cardioid minimum frequency response 30Hz 30Hz and a max 20kHz 20kHz
  • A condenser capsule together with 6-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm.
  • A balanced FET preamp output
  • Consists of 130 dB in sound pressure level
  • Vintage body style with side-address design
  • Comes with a mic stand adapter, a shock mount, and a carrying case
  • Requires a 48V phantom power for a balanced soundstage
  • Possesses an XLR output connector
  • Wired with Mogami Internally 
  • Sensity mic that captures sound reasonably
  • Extremely proficient for vocals
  • High-quality sound
  • Strong and lasting
  • Excellent for vocals
  • The sound could be a little grungy
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MXL 770

MXL 770 is an incredible and versatile cardioid condenser mic that never ceases to amaze recording artists around the world. Mxl 770 is also loved for its upfront high-end and amazingly solid bass. It is a multipurpose studio condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern.

MXL 770 comes with a standard quality FET preamplifier with balanced output for a wide range of dynamism. The FET pre-amp output ensures reduced background noise and high output gain. Mxl 770 is not too expensive for its quality as it comes with a condenser mic, something musicians find amazing together with a great frequency response as well as a clear high end. It is suitable for both single and multi-voice recording and works well with other instruments.

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL 770 has recently become popular with those wanting o record vocals and some other voice-based apps like podcasts. The condenser microphone is a good entry-level mic with a six-micron diaphragm which is gold spluttered and produces warm sounds with technical specifications.

Suitable for drums overheads and hard vocals like rap, rock, and metal music. The cardioid condenser mic requires a phantom power 48V from an audio interface since it is a condenser microphone.

As a versatile mic, mxl 770 has a remarkable value of being used to record louder audios with its -10dB cut. MXL 770 is perfectly suited for digital and analog recording and it delivers absolute professional sonics and features. The price of MXL 770 differs as it is extremely competitive.

The price starts at $79.99 and it is the best mic in this price range. MXL 770 as earlier said is from the company MXL, manufacturers of mics, cables, and pro-A/V. The mic has a High Pass Filter that enhances a better midrange and limits mic distortion giving a low noise at its minimal.

MXL 770 has an entirely black color formation with a golden lining that perfects the black marvelously. The name of the mic, MXL logo, and the mark of its polar pattern is also written in gold along the front side giving it a smart and mature look.

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

However, its only alternative can be the Neewer NW -700, a topic for some recent posts, which comes with accessories such as the 48V power supply adapter, round anti-wind foam cap, pop filter, XLR male to female cable, suspension boom scissor arm stand, and a table mount clamp. Also, a -10dB attenuation pad that helps regulate high pass filter.

In essence, MXL 770 is a small diaphragm mic with necessary microphone features, a polar system with better sound output, a wide frequency response, good sensitivity, standard build quality, an impressive FET pre-amp that provides a balanced range; a low noise preamp, and an equivalent noise level of 20dB; a low noise which makes it stand out in vocal tech industry.

The pressure gradient condenser microphone’s 10dB also regulates the max spl from instrument recordings. It is also one of the top options for home studio investments, performs well with acoustic instruments, and recording louder sounds with percussion balanced bass response. All of these make MXL 770 a good option as it is also affordable with standard quality.


  • Incredible mic for vocals, pianos, guitars, stringed instruments, and voice work
  • FET preamplifier with a balanced transformerless output
  • Dynamic diaphragm mic
  • Clear sound with extra clarity at the top end
  • A pressure gradient condenser microphone
  • It consists of a cardioid polar pattern
  • Its capsule size is 22mm/.87 in and has a 6-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm
  • It has a frequency range of 30 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Max SPL 137 dB and S/N ratio 74 dB
  • 6 dB/octave @ 150Hz high pass filter
  • 20 dB equivalent noise and 150 ohms output impedance
  • It is internally wired with Mogami cable
  • Low-frequency low off that rids unnecessary background noises
  • Capsule Size: 22mm/.87 in.
  • THD S/N Rato 74dB to 80dB
  • Comes with an MXL 70 high-isolation shock mount and a rugged storage case for portability
  • 48V phantom power requirement
  • 10dB attenuation pad for regulating high frequency
  • Elegant matte black finish and black grill
  • Its dimensions are 59 mm x 158 mm/ 2.32 in x 6.22 in and weighs 1 lb.
  • Multipurpose mic
  • High sound quality
  • Comes with a transformerless output FET preamplifier
  • Strong and durable
  • Marvelous audio quality despite the price tag
  • Smooth and lucent frequency response
  • Balanced frequency range
  • Could sound a little bit natural or a bit muddy
  • Manuals not fully detailed
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  • Both Mxl 990 and mxl 770 are durable, high-quality microphones, and are made of metal
  • Both the mics are pressure gradient small-diaphragm condenser microphones with rich tone 
  • Both mics have dynamic range and can capture low, mid-range and high frequency sounds as they both possess a high-frequency response that ranges from 30Hz to 20Hz 
  • Both the mxl 990 and mxl 770 both have a tube-like shape with a pressure gradient condenser
  •  Both mics are very efficient at removing background noises that are not produced by the sound source and giving loud sounds
  • Both the microphones are good choices popular microphones for home studio usage
  • Both the microphones have a tocsin to noise ratio of 74 to 80dB


  • The two products have different weights. MXL 990 has a size of 60mm * 130mm while MXL 770 has a size of 59mm * 158mm.
  • The mics differ in their SPLs. The maximum SPL of MXL 990 is 130dB while that of MXL 770 is 137dB
  • The S/N ratio for MXL 990 is 80dB while that of MXL 770 is 74dB 
  • While MXL 990 does not have either an attenuation pad or roll-off switch, MXL 770 has both a 10dB attenuation pad for higher frequencies and a roll-off switch for cutting off some bass when not in need
  • 990 voiced mic is classy while that of 770 is brash.
  • Mxl 770 has the tendency of producing sounds better than 990. 


Consequently, the premium features, the similarities, and differences between mxl 770 and mxl 990; mxl 990 vs mxl 770, will affect their overall performance. However, since they are both of almost the same qualities, buyers can opt for the one that suits their needs most.

It’s been seen that the sound produced by 990 is silky, smooth, clear, and closely strong when it comes to the bass. It is better used with vocals as it has a nice-sounding midrange. Moreover, the MXL 770 is a versatile microphone that performs well when used with vocals, acoustic instruments, and acoustic guitars.

MXL 770 can also be used for singing or playing musical instruments. Both mics are very sensitive and sound really nice. They both give productive performances indoors and outdoors 

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