Presonus Vs Focusrite Review


Presonus and Focusrite are both well-known audio interface brands, a good reason to put these two together in comparison and contrast. Since they produce almost the same kind of products, let’s take a surf through these brands in isolation, everything they are, and their products to be able to differentiate between these two brands.



PreSonus Audio Electronics was founded in 1995 with the objective of designing ingenious audio products with standard sound quality and awesome features. They have since then built innovative solutions for audio engineers, producers, musicians, and content creators. PreSonus is in this recent time one of the leading designers and manufacturers of both recording and live sound hardware and software solutions that proffer answers to intriguing and creative questions of the universe.

PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2, 192 kHz, USB Audio Interface with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software

PreSonus has successfully built standard and affordable music production tools for recording vocals, audio engineers, and musicians through the cooperation of some personnel like Jim Odom, PreSonus Chief Strategy Officer, a trained guitarist, audio engineer, and producer; Brian Smith, a graduate of LSU engineering and the current  PreSonus VP of manufacturing. PreSonus’ first product, DCP8- a digitally controlled 8-channel analog compressor with fader and mute automation together with grouping all under digital control and DAW software rigs.

The PreSonus interfaces will be divided here into Thunderbolt audio interfaces which will be subdivided into quantum series Presonus interface, the USB audio interface which will be subdivided into audio box series Presonus interface, isolation series, and revelator series Presonus interface, the last division is the complete recording solutions.

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Thunderbolt audio interface is subdivided into the following:

Quantum Audio Interface

One of the best audio interfaces with a quality microphone preamp and a super high-standard digital conversation and ultra-transparent XMAX remote-controllable mic preamps which automatically make your audio sound its best at a reasonable price point. Quantum’s design is focused on an extremely fast speed without the sonic compromise with a cut-edge 24-bit, 192kHz converters, 120dB of dynamic range, and super low jitter clocking, coupled with It ultra-transparent XMAX remote-controllable preamps which give a result of super audio quality with 1 ms*, the lowest roundtrip latency, and a great recording experience. It is made to deliver an ultra-low latency performance while maximizing efficiency. 192 kHz, 64 sample buffer in studio one 3.5 on a MacBook Pro 2016, 2.7 GHz intel core i7, running mac0S 10.12.5.

PreSonus Quantum 2626 26x26 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface M1 Chip Compatible, 26x26-8 Mic Pres

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The Quantum audio interface is a great interface that runs at up to 192kHz for ultra-high standard mixing and recording and has a superior recording and listening experience added up by audiophile-grade digital converters, low-jitter clocking, and recallable preamplifiers. It has an awesome speed combined with impressive sound quality, a great signal strength, and an ideal recording solution for any studio size.

Quantum Thunderbolt audio interfaces are absolutely integrated with Studio One to provide inimitable control over users’ hardware right from the recording environment. The Quantum interface design is furnished with awesome audio quality, amazing expandability, PreSonus preamps, USB connection, and a leading speed. 

  • Premium audios with low noise
  • Awesome sound and astounding recall high frequencies
  • Immaculate integration that works with tight budget
  • Abiding audios with less noise ratio
  • Continuous rely on preamps
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Audio Box USB 36

These are simple and convenient audio interfaces with features for simple recording needs allowing users to record up to 24bit, 96kHz audio at once. AudioBox USB 96 belongs to the group of the great audio interface as it is bus-powered, makes recording easy, easy to connect to a condenser mic, and is typically built to travel with. The great interface surprisingly provides an output for a USB port and a press for phantom power function.

AudioBox USB 96 has two front-panel combo instrument inputs that make it the right choice also for singers, songwriters, podcasters, acoustic instruments, and guitar-bass collaborations as it has a headphone output with independent level control, and is at an affordable price point. Users can easily connect mics and stereos to the interface with USB cables. The quality audio interface holds a mixed control that allows users to regulate the level between the input signal and computer playbacks without any unpleasant delay.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

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It also gives room for the pairing of cohesive line-level outputs, clear headphones out, an ultra-loud, and MIDI I/O to enable connection to synth or midi controller. AudioBox USB 96 consists of an intensive steel chassis to take many serious hits and still remain completely reliable, this is for its durability. Its loud headphone output allows you to hear your music loud and smoothly even in noisy environments. It possesses a USB 2.0 bus power to enhance recording with a laptop.

AudioBox USB 96 works typically with all macOS and Windows audio recording software. It is built for creative music production, is easy to learn, enables users to compose, record, connect with USB cables, and produce without getting distracted or pressured.

The AudioBox USB 2.0 is good for both beginners and veteran producers who wish to go mobile. The interface will produce an awesome sound in a bus-powered, rugged chassis that is ready to go anywhere with you. It is also equipped with Studio One Artist that provides users with an absolute recording solution right in front of them.

The AudioBox USB 96 now comes in classic PreSonus blue and the 25th Anniversary matte black. It is compatible with iOS and iPadOS devices including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and iPhone. It does not require the download or installation of other apps as it is USB class compliant.

  • Simple, reliable, and portable.
  • Roadworthy and always readily available to travel with.
  • A worthy audio interface with a volume knob. 
  • Built for the studio and the road with USB connectivity and headphone port.
  • A quality interface with world-class recording.
  • Might be too small for a bigger recording.
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IoStation Series

This audio interface is a production regulator that gives the equipment needed for the diverse roles in a composed, ergonomic design that suits almost all home studios. With ioStation 24c, users can record their audio with brand new XMAX microphone preamps with a high definition of 24bit, 192kHz analog to digital converters, cruise their recordings with easy transport regulators, use parameters with an awesome headphone output.

DAW with the puissant session, edit their production, cruise, and mix everything with a one hundred mm motorized fader that is touch-sensitive. The audio interface also provides the equipment needed to record and mix with the leisure of hands-on tactile control for a starter or professional producer.

PreSonus ioStation 24c 2x2, 192 kHz, USB Audio Interface and Production Controller with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software

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ioStation Series 24c audio interface gives a dominant recording experience. It consists 2 of PreSonus XMAX Class A analog mic preamplifiers which give a pleasing elevated headroom, infinite lows, shared civilized high, fast polished sound, and a smooth overall sound. Moreover, the audio interface builds up a current mix rather than making the users make major changes or improvements themselves.

Moreso, it blends with the PreSonus Studio One Artist music which enables users to record, compose and produce without track limitations, and also works typically with all windows recording software.

Moreover, the audio interface gives access to 8 mission-critical functions for utmost flexibility. It has a large encoder button that enhances editing and mixing with premium productiveness.

  • Coordinates with iOS and iPadOS devices.
  • Comes with one of the best recording software
  • Mixes at an ultra-speed.
  • Works smarter.
  • Could give a muggy ultra-high def sound.
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Revelator io24

An audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. It consists of a PreSonus XMAX-L microphone preamps and onboard processing that gives a smooth, clear, and professional outcome. It also has an intuitive loopback mixer that refines sound effects and background tracks.

Revelator io24 is also the best plug for producing and streaming. Its basic loopback mixer enables the adding backtracks to live stream performance to the podcast. When streaming, users can involve the stream mix mode with just the clicking of a button to finalize the mix of the analog inputs, reverb, loopback channels, and directly to the USB output.

The revelator io24 can be easily carried around. The USB audio interface has a wireless remote control via UC surface for iPad OS, Androids, and Windows. It is included with an elevated resolution input and output metering which allows the monitoring of the input and mix levels when recording. The mixer in the audio face allows users to make a custom zero abeyance monitor mix faster than any other. A separate mix can also be created for headphones with the independent levels

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Focusrite plc is a manufacturer of audio products based in England. The brand doesn’t only design and market audio interfaces but also other hardware, software, channel strips, microphone preamps, analog EQs among others. The brand was founded by Rupert Neve in 1985. 

In April 1989, the company’s assets were purchased by another audio industry entrepreneur and co-founder of Soundcraft electronics ltd making Focusrite a limited Audio engineering brand, The new owner after this, designed another console that was released in 1990. Focusrite also acquired  ADAM Audio, a monitor speaker manufacturing brand in 2019. Products here always have optimal gain up to 50dB.


Scarlet Solo

This is one of Focusrite’s simplest USB audio interfaces with high-quality recording. A compact interface with a professional-sounding outcome that is used to make studio-quality recordings. It is a third-gen mic pre that has a 24bit and 192kHz converter that makes a recording clear and detailed. 

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

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Scarlet solo is reliable and it comes with a 3-year warranty in case of unforeseen problems. It corresponds with USB-C iPad Pros with a simple operational setup. It consists of Avid Pro Tools, 500MB of loops with great-sounding effects, a 3-month splice sounds subscription that allows users to have access to several standard-quality one-shots, preset, loops, and other new daily releases.

An XLN audio addictive keys that access 1 of 4 virtual keyboards when registered on Focusrite or Novation hardware, a Softube Time and Tone Bundle, and a Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite that keeps users up to date on the newest tools that offer free downloads and generous discounts every few months.

  • Comes with some easy start tools that make recording easier and faster.
  • Has the best range for all scarlet mic preamp.
  • An elevated headroom instrument input for the straight in plugging of guitar and bass.
  • A standard performance converter that gives a studio-quality record, mix, and playback
  • Might not support all other iPod products
  • Consists of only one elevated headroom instrument 
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Claret 8preX

This is a 26-in and 28-out Thunderbolt audio interface with awesome sound quality and up to 119dB change range, a 24bit and 192kHz precision conversation, 8 amazingly designed mic preamps, and a special analog air effect. Moreover, it has a 1.67ms round trip latency that makes workflow easy and allows real-time plug-ins. It is noiseless, sounds pretty great, with easy standard performance. 

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

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Its mic pres are specifically designed for its purpose together with lots of gains and low distortion. With it comes an air feature that switches in an analog form of the unique transformer-based Focusrite ISA mic pre which also features a headroom to fix the loudest pickup. The ultra-low round-trip latency in Claret 8preX helps transform users’ workflow that helps get the best out of recording through the amp sim.

Clarex 8preX is an XLN audio with addictive keys with stimulating keyboard instruments. A red plug-in suite that completely models the other classic Red 2 equalizer and Red 3 compressor, a soft tube time and tone bundle plug-ins, Brainworx bx-console Focusrite that helps attain the sound, the sensation, and styling of other Focusrite ISA 110 Equalizer.

  • Clarex 8preX is better, easier, and faster compared to others.
  • A 26-in and 28-out Thunderbolt audio interface.
  • 8 Clarett mic pres with extra air
  • An awesome A-D and D-A conversion.
  • Revolutionalises workflow
  • Might not correspond with iPod products and other inputs.
  • Could be a little bit costly.
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Focusrite Saffire Pro 26

Saffire Pro 26 is an affordable audio interface without compromising standards. Compared to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with a direct monitor switch, the quality audio interface consists of the newest AD/DA conversion technology, 18*8 bus-powered firewire that gives a strong mix regulator software and five-segment LED metering. The audio interface can be connected to a Thunderbolt-enabled computer through an adapter. It has a conventional audio quality with flexible routing and a choice for both the stage and the studio performance. It is an 18-in and 8-out 24bit and 96kHz  conversion analog audio. 

Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 Firewire Audio Interface

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The audio interface features the four award-winning Focusrite preamps, a panoramic 1/0- 18 inputs, and 8 outputs, several connectivity choices, two- headphones outputs and several monitor mixes, inclusive software bundle with the midnight plug-in suite RTAS/AU/VST, Red 2, and Red 3 plug-in suite AAX/AU/VST at registration. A strong and movable design suitable for studio and live performances.

It comes in a strong chassis that fits perfectly on a desktop and into a bag for transportation. It is strongly built and this makes it fit to withstand the discomfort of the road. It has a software regulator that allows applications to run on host computers. Its low latency 26*8 DSP mixer features adaptable output routing and intuitive 1-click presets that help users to set up their sessions as fast as possible.

  • Consists of 18 inputs and 8 outputs
  • Bus-powered through Firewire with standard analog sound and 24bit/96kHz digital conversion.
  • It makes use of ADAT in expanding up to 8 other analog inputs.
  • 2 headphone outputs for personal monitor mixes and a 5-LED metering system on analog inputs.
  • Both headphone outputs and instrument outputs can be found in twos. 
  • The main monitor volume only has dim and mute switches.
  • Might be too portable for an extended occasion.
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Pro Tools HD Audio Interface

This audio interface gives the best in digital conversion, a built-in monitor regulator with low latency, and remote-controlled mic pres. With low distortion and ultra-linear design, the interface will provide an accurate representation of the real acoustic performance being recorded.

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

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Its greatly reliable drivers give an absolute integration with lots of DAWs while the Digilink Mini Ports enhances connection through to Pro Tools. The interface gives a basic option for integrating Dante audio across IP networks with digital audio workstations as they are fully remote regulated across the network.

  • Users enjoy three years warranty.
  • Ultra reduced latency and a Dante audio over IP.
  • Wide-range compatibility plus software control and monitoring.
  • Might not correspond with some selected devices.
  • Could be a little bit expensive.
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Clarett 2pre USB Audio

Focusrite Clarett USB compromises the price of the audio interface without losing standard. Its features are awesomely designed standard performance, -128dB mic pres with reduced distortion, a clear, accurate representation of original performance, thanks to the ultra-linear design. The audio interface can be used with any Mac or PC adhering to USB 2.0 and above since it has a 119dB dynamic range.

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB 10-In/4-Out Audio Interface

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It also possesses 24bit /192kHz A-D and D-A  conversions, delivering a greater signal path. It is a 10-in and 4-out audio interface with 2 instrument inputs that can record sounds from condenser mics to other pickups with no unnecessary distortion.

Its ADAT input adheres to other 8 channels in combination with several Chanel mic preamps like Clarett OctoPRE. Its 2 air-enabled mic preamps can change the input frequency response and clarity as it is also included with a MIDI I/O and XLN Audio, an additional software.

  • 24bit/192kHz precision and an A-D and D-A conversion for an awesome signal path.
  • Consists of standard USB and USB type C cables connect with an Ableton live lite and Brainworx.
  • Available addictive keys virtual instrument upon purchase.
  • 2 air-enabled mic pres
  • Could be a little bit expensive.
  • Does not possess more than two inputs for other instruments.
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Presonus Vs Focusrite?

Presonus and Focusrite have been seen to produce almost the same kinds of audio interfaces. The features of these products after voyaging through are almost the same, so, clients can be advised to go for the products that consist of the features needed and maybe probably suits them.

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