Sony PSLX300USB Review

Sony PSLX300USB Review

If you belong to the group of classic people who still keep their vinyl records, like the sounds from all your vinyl record collection but would like to add dynamism and blend with the digital world, then the Sony PSLX300USB player is the right choice for you.

Your precious records are worth keeping, you can listen to that music on digital platforms alternatively too. These days, there are digital modern record players on the market that will play retro vinyl records and also convert them to several digital format files like the mp3. 

Sony PSLX300USB Review

They might be quite expensive to get and sometimes hard, you can however get inexpensive turntables available with excellent quality as well. One of the best inexpensive high-quality record players with a combination of features of both worlds is the Sony PSLX300USB player.

The player is a fantastic beginner turntable that holds a cueing process that is fully automatic. This solves the worries of beginners who might be thinking of a way to handle their record collections without scratching. Let’s take a look at the brand that the turntable comes from before the model’s review.

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Sony Brand

Sony was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, which has successfully ended up becoming more than one entity. There is Sony music, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Sony Financial, among others. The brand pulls in up to $80 billion in a year. They have achieved many successes thanks to the fact that they are always one step ahead of the current trends- dynamism. 

The company always ensures to stay ahead of whoever is ready to compete with them. They produce a great number of the world’s best headphones in audio found in studios around the world. As much as they produce expensive materials and devices, they also produce their budget version that’d rather lack some features than compromise quality.

Sony PSLX300USB Review

Moreover, they have produced turntables that would always be found on the list of ‘best since they were invented. Exactly what we are reviewing on, a turntable made to be an inexpensive entry to the vinyl world without quality compromise.

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Overview of Sony PSLX300USB 

The turntable is not a large size turntable but has an average measuring 15.7 by 13.5 inches by 3.9 inches. It has an almost plastic build which adds to its lightweight and low budget. It is however a cost-effective product and you can expect nothing less than what you paid for.  

It is a simple and plain turntable as the brand presented it unlike some who’d portray their products as being better than what it is. It is basic in operation and design and as such, belongs to the list of the entry-level markets while offering the quality of Sony. 

Features of the Sony PS-LX300USB 

It might not have features from higher ends and more expensive turntables, it however has everything a casual listener would ever request of a turntable. It can actually for keeping purpose convert an old album to a digital format via a PC and the included software.

Speed: PSLX300USB can play 2speeds for playback, at 33 RPM or 45 RPM. The speed is always manually adjusted and there is no problem spinning the vinyl as most types of vinyl are cut at 33 or 45 RPM. 

Belt Drive: The turntable consists of a belt drive that works to protect the vinyl and the tonearm from vibration, reducing any likely effect of skipping. The belt drive tends to produce minimal vibration via the tonearm for a more clear and more smooth sound.

It is made of sturdy silicone and fits perfectly around the drive pull. Some effects of the tonearm include:

  • Belt drive helps reduce resonance 
  • Players with belt drive produce better and clear sound
  • The elastic found in the belt reduces wear on records by absorbing shocks
  • The belt drive also works to protect the turntable’s platter making it durable and longlasting
  • The drive is always consistent and reliable

Tonearm: The tonearm in Sony PSLX300USB is a 7.5-inch straight tonearm with a finger-lift and a pull lever on the side fit for easy handling. When in contact with the vinyl, the pressure from the needle is measured at 3.5g with a little variation of 1g.

The low pressure automatically means the vinyl is placed rightly and protected with no risk of causing scratches on the record. The stereo Turntable is a fully automatic unit as the belt will begin automatically once the start button is hit. The tonearm will by itself return once the playing record comes to an end. 

Sony PSLX300USB Review

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Cartridge: Sony PSLX399USB also comes with a cartridge and a special sony stylus mounted to the tonearm already. It is worthy to note that this model does not allow cartridge replacement. However, the stylus can be upgraded anytime any day.

The stylus that comes with the model is an N-6516 standard Sony stylus which can be replaced with a more impressive and functional stylus like the Audio Tech ATN-91 stylus. 

Connectivity: The model also features a USB interface and an RCA output giving users options of getting the most out of their device. There have been complaints about RCA cables being short, you can however simply rip the old records into a digital format via USB to your device and enjoy the awesome free audio software with it.

Moreso, the turntable might have not been made for music production or scratching, upcoming DJs can however use the mixing software easily to replace hardware for the purpose of mixing. That would go a long way in the learning process.

Vinyl Record Copy to PC: Another great feature with the player is the ability to copy and at the same time play music over several systems and copy these songs to users’ personal computers.

It could pose a little hassle trying to play records over a personal PC because you might have to divert the sound from standard windows that have been connected to a USB device to the external system.

This turntable however will ease your stress and worries to make backups of old or spoilt vinyl records from your collections. For audiophiles who have an extensive collection of vinyl and whose turntables have passed stormy times, PSLX300USB is your right next pick.

Music can be transferred to digital to enjoy a wonderful listening experience on iPod, car stereo, or other devices.

Built-in Preamp: The turntable also comes with a built-in preamp that offers to amplify music to enhance connection with speakers, playback systems, PCs, among others. 

N-6516 Stylus: The stylus that comes with the record player might not be the best on the market but can offer a reasonable effect on the record, plus it can be replaced easily. The stylus is a 0.6 mil conical diamond and being a diamond, you can expect a life expectancy of about 500 hours.

The stylus, as mentioned earlier can be replaced. When changing the stylus of PSLX300USB, ensure to opt for a better one to get a better sound than the stylus that comes with it initially. You might as well consider the ATN3600L stylus from Audio Technica.

However, one of the fallbacks of Sony PSLX300USB is that it doesn’t have standard adjustment features like anti-skate management and counterweight. This might result in an occasional skipping of the turntable so, you should know this and roll with it beforehand. Not all users of this model complain about this fault though, this could also be a problem that has arisen from a bad record. 

PSLX300USB comes with all of these great features and more. Among all of these features, the USB port is one of the most revered. The port is one of the features that change it from an old to a new player. It is also responsible for converting music from vinyl records to a digital format with the converted files being transferred to the PC via the software.

The software provided by Sony is the Sony Sound Forge Studio which works especially to erase background noises and the clicking that comes from vinyl records. The end result that comes into the digital format ends up clean and bright. It is the only program that supports this process perfectly since it comes with a record player in the first place. 

Although, this software program might not be that easy to use since it is one you operate every day, so it might require some time to get through with it. Another program used by people is ‘Audacity’, a popular program for audio editing. You can choose either of the two programs to achieve a similar aim.  


Sony PSLX300USB Review

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Sony PS-LX300USB Specifications

Here are some of the specifications peculiar to the Sony PS-LX300USB brand

  • USB Output
  • Belt Drive
  • 11.61 in turntable size
  • 33 ⅓ rpm and 45 rpm turntable speed
  • 3.5 +- 0.03 oz stylus tracking force
  • Phono EQ regulator
  • N-6516-1 stylus pickup type
  • Fully Automatic
  • 7.68 in Tonearm length
  • S-shape tonearm type
  • DC servo motor
  • A 2-inch Analog Audio Output
  • 50 dB signal to noise
  • 0,25% WRMS wow and flutter
  • Pickup: MM/MC
  • Analog stereo RCA and USB input and output terminal
  • 6 lbs; 2.7 kg Weight
  • 2 W power consumption
  • AC 230 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz power requirement
  • W X H X D; 15.7 x 3.8 x 13.5; (420 x 100 x 342)


Performance is an important and tasky factor that needs to be checked through while buying a turntable. This has been simplified just for you as you are about to check through the Sony PSLX300USB’s overall performance that makes it quite awesome and fantastic. You get to weigh your options and it includes a number of amazing features with quality performance in different aspects. These aspects include:

Sound Quality: You get a good clear sound quality with PSLX300USB. It does not belong to the group of overall best but you get a reasonable and satisfactory sound performance from the turntable.

The device’s dynamic range has enough wideness to offer music nuances and some balanced depth, but high ends could be a bit too narrow. This might not be a dealbreaker for some audiophiles as it robs loud notes on some impacts while losing the subtleties of the quiet notes. 

Overall, the Sony model gives you enough for what you pay for, and for turntables in its range, it offers a great sound quality performance which translates to an interesting listening experience for users. 

Sony PSLX300USB Review

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Component: The model is relatively a budgeted turntable which certainly reflects in its construction. This is obvious in the amount of plastic used in most parts of its construction. Although, there are some heavy platter and rubber mats used in its construction that increases its quality and works to reduce vibration from the belt-driven motor. 

The metal tonearm is lightweight and feels a bit flimsy compared to some models alike. The cartridge on its part is great being a stock Sony cartridge, and it dies help to produce a decent and standard signal.

Friendliness: This is an aspect where the model corners some of its rivals, the users’ friendliness. The model has a full automatic cueing function that lets users get record playing just with the push of a button.

It does not have any hassle with tracking force adjustment or a fuss with speed adjustment. It takes care of itself while serving you with a wonderful listening experience.  

Setting up Sony PSLX300USB 

The Sony Turntable PS LX300usb is one of the easiest turntables to set up. The turntable comes in super-secure packaging that may seem a bit hard removing, once removed, all you have to do is to install the platter and the sip mat. Yes, you got your turntable playing right after then.

The parts mostly concerned about upgrades and customization are the stylus and the cartridge. The model has a Sony stylus and cartridge mounted on the tonearm. It is a magnetic cartridge that holds a better sound quality than some turntables out there.

With this cartridge, your vinyl records are not likely to get damaged or worn out. However, the cartridge can not be upgraded from its current quality because it is permanently fixed to the tonearm of the turntable. 

This makes customization on the turntable almost not needed, except for the needle. The Sony stylus N-6516 that comes with the turntable can easily be replaced with something better and of high quality than itself. 

Sony PSLX300USB Review

  • Consists of a built-in preamp
  • Budgeted without absolute compromise of quality
  • A full automatic cueing
  • Dust cover is removable
  • An included commercial recording software
  • USB output
  • Great sound quality for the money
  • Easy setup and usage
  • Regulator buttons for skipping music selections
  • Cartridge is magnetic
  • Dynamic range is limited
  • Plastic look and feel
  • Lacks tracking force adjustment
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Final Thoughts

Sony PSLX300USB offers great sound quality at an affordable price. A lightweight model that provides users with a feel of old and modern turntables. You get to enjoy features from both different times turntable all in one. 

Some cons that come with the model are not real dealbreakers, they are features that can be done without if you just want to enjoy an awesome vinyl feel while experiencing it well. The USB offers download abilities with several other devices and you can effortlessly rely on many other features it has to offer. It is such a great buy for audiophiles interested in an entry-level turntable.

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