Teac Tn-400S Review

Teac Tn-400S is the right player for novice and professional audiophiles who would rather not go through the stress of long procedures for set-up but an instant plug and play that delivers an amazingly excellent sound. Teac Tn-400S will amaze you in its set-up and the quality of sound produced every time you play it.

Teac Tn 400S Review

The player is modeled, designed, and manufactured by Teac. It is a good option for audiophiles in training as its set-up is surprisingly simple, easy, and basic. Some professional audiophiles prefer it this way too therefore, it can be a good pick for them.

Teac Tn-400S Review

Moreover, it offers quality sound even with its awesome look, affordable, and reliable. Teac brand is not one that is unfamiliar, the way they engineer their products are superb and this can’t go unnoticed in Teac Tn-400S. Working with a record player does not come with much hassle but the initial set-up of Teac Tn-400s is pretty easy as you can listen to your favorite songs without much delay.

The arm of Teac Tn-400S sometimes seems to be tricky, but to get good results, the arms can be adjusted to the perfect position. Once the setting has been made correctly, you are very good to go. This can help you master the setting and guide you through the second setting and the simultaneous ones which automatically improve your listening experience.

The turntable features an aluminum die-cast platter that has high inertia and is driven by a high torque DC motor through a lasting and effective neoprene rubber belt together with a modern designed low-friction spindle made from a stainless steel block.

This helps to deliver an accurate speed consistency and a precise tone. The durable and reliable bronze spindle holds a high precision speed for a long period of time. You can have a nice listening experience with your favorite vinyl on Teac Tn-400S with any amplifier. The turntable corresponds to both line-level and phono output which allows you to play records whether there is a phono equalizer or not.

This reduces your worries about compatibility and you can enjoy all of your vinyl as much as you want.

Teac Brand

It’s been over thirty years (30 years) since Teac has been in the player device business. Aside from the big number of years, they have earned for themselves a grand reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and eye-catching music players.

The brand can not be cornered when it comes to the development of the recording equipment industry. For users interested in more than just getting a player to listen with, you can check out the list of music players Teac has to offer. 

Teac Brand has received countless awards and is recognized worldwide by professional audiophiles around the world. Their unique innovation as a brand has been the connecting line to their success story of being innovators of different equipment in the industry since the 70s and 80s.

Their customers’ satisfaction and well-being are of prominence to the brand as they use less harmful minerals in their production process, also to build sustainability in the industry. Teac Tn-400S is one of their countless unique innovations with amazing design, setup, upgrade, customization, and sound performance

Teac Tn-400S Review


Teac Tn-400S comes as a manual belt-drive turntable with an aesthetically thrilling design. It comes in several interesting colors which also include people’s favorite, the simple walnut wood finish which always has an amazing feel, and an awesome look on a shelf.

The player has in its build a built-in phono preamp, a subsonic filter, a tonearm with S-shape, and an A2D converter useful for high-quality analog playback. The belt drive in the player is 3-speed and there is a low-friction spindle with an aluminum die-cast platter.

In the mix are a pre-mounted Audio-Technica MM Cartridge and a USB digital output for listeners who are die-hard fans of computer-based archiving. These parts are what contribute to the result of a solid and amazingly built Teac Tn-400S.


As emphasized earlier, the player is manual but there are no forms of problems during the first setup. The turntable comes with detailed directions and there shouldn’t be any posing trouble when putting it together. It takes just a little time for setup after it has been ripped out of the box.

Basically, you can get your Teac Tn-400S working by fixing its tonearm and pre-matched phono cartridge and fiddling the tracking force with the anti-skate. Set its MDF base on a flat surface, dial in, and you can start your beautiful experience with the player.

Upgrade and Customization

Yes, Teac Tn-400S has in its upgrade and customization. Purchasing the player means you should be ready to take it through some upgrades in the near future. There are some players that readily come with these upgrades and customizations, but for the love of some features in Teac Tn-400S, if you decide to overlook it, then you should be ready to take it through these processes.

Frankly, some upgrades might not be accepted by this player, but it is limited anyways. There are features more worthy of it, but if this would pose as a problem specifically for you, you might as well go for other Teac models that would allow such action.

Sound Performance

One of the major purposes of Teac Tn-400S is to get listeners incredibly awesome sound at a very reasonable price. The brand has doubtlessly succeeded in the sound delivery of the device. Talk about an amazing sound experience, it’s definitely on your picklist.

As much as the device is perfect for beginners and/or audiophiles who just want to kick back and listen to their favorite songs without having to pick everything apart. You can look forward to smooth, clear, and well-balanced mids, highs that go beyond the borderline, and lows that are not muddy in any form with extremely low distortions.

Everything in the Box

So you are about to make your purchase and you are wondering everything about Teac TN-400S. Well, here is a list:

  • Turntable
  • AC power adapter [w/ attached 58″ DC cord]
  • 3 AC plug inserts [US/EU/UK]
  • 39 inches Stereo RCA cable
  • Counterweight
  •  Dust cover w/ 2 hinges
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Platter
  • Headshell w/ cartridge
  • Felt mat owners Manual
  • AC power adapter instructions
  • Warranty card 
  • Stylish and basic aesthetics with several finishes
  • Consists of a built-in phono preamp and an integrated USB output.
  • Very easy to set up
  • Standard torque DC Motor
  • Produces high-quality sounds
  • 3 speed with an S-shaped tonearm
  • Belt moved die-cast platter great for precise operation control
  • Double bronzed spindle for precise speeds
  • Backup creation of the record on computers.
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Does not come with a USB cord.

Teac Tn-400S Review


That Tn-400S has an S-shaped tonearm is good for starters. They are not made with low-quality equipment simply because they can serve well for starters, the good quality and sound performance are not compromised. It is affordable yet ticks a lot on your list boxes. Some of the features that Tn-400S comes with include: 

Built-in Preamp

You do not have to go through the stress of connecting the external preamp to the player. It has it right there inside of it. The built-in preamplifier makes everything easy and lets you go through less stress of connecting.

Analog Playback of High Quality

The player comes with a subsonic filter and A2D converter. The A2D converter comes with 2 varied components that ensure a positive and absolute sound experience for you. Moreso, the low-frequency sound is filtered out to prevent distortions from being sent to the amplifier. 

The turntable’s playback is very well optimized giving an accurate performance. Some additional tweaks can also be found such as low-friction spindles that make room for a smooth overall operation.

Teac Tn-400S Review

DC Motor of High Torque

The turntable holds the energy necessary for making the vinyl spin and keeps going for hours. It is belt-driven and this allows for max speed control. There is really no form of stress about the intermittent signals, playback always stays stable.

USB Port

Another cool feature that comes with the Tn-400S is its USB port. This gives room for record backup on personal computers or other devices. Saving a record in a digital format might flatten the sound a bit but the most important thing is having a backup. The difference isn’t always that obvious, it can even go unnoticeable so, the backups on the digital players can also be enjoyed as much as the original record. 


The RCA connector pairs are gold-plated. The essence of this is to ensure it holds a reliable and lasting connection towards the receiver phono or line inputs. The presence of these terminals in the headshell connectors prevents oxidation and improves durability and performance.


Teac Tn-400S is an effortless plug and play device which consists of high-quality analog playback. The turntable consists of a built-in o=phono preamp, pre-mounted cartridge, subsonic filter, S-shaped tonearm, and an A2D converter which all works in delivering high-quality analog playback as simple as turning a faucet. 

Teac Tn-400S comes with an aluminum die-cast platter, an S-shaped tonearm, and a low-friction spindle. The two areas of tracking and speed stability are both covered in the player, this then adds a pre-mounted Audio Technica MM cartridge, USB digital output for system-based archiving for flexible and convenient address, and a built-in MM phono preamp with a subsonic filter. Typically, Teac Tn-400S has an inviting look but most importantly, an amazing sound performance.

Teac Tn-400S Review

The internal components are of high quality with simple and straightforward usability through an entry-level. The plug-and-play turntable will give you an incredible experience that makes you wonder about the essence of costlier devices. The aluminum die-cast platter consists of a 3-speed drive, a high-inertia aluminum platter driven by a high-torque DC motor through a sturdy rubber flat-belt, stable playback Tn-400S, which all produce an immensely smooth playback at 33 to ⅓, 45, and 78rpm speeds.

Moreover, the spindle is precise and stainless steel with a durable brass bearing holding an accurate rotational speed, an amazing work of reduced friction. The built-in phono EQ preamp provides huge flexibility. The onboard phono EQ also supports the MM cartridge and allows the turntable to be connected to traditional microsystems or amplifiers that devoid a dedicated input in the turntable.

The Phono EQ amp takes a HiFi quality NJM8080 op-amp chip that amplifies minute audio signals from the stylus with fewer distortions. The A2D converter and subsonic filter add to the arsenal by removing frequencies below 18Hz. The turntable prevents too many low-frequency signal levels that are sent to the amplifiers.


  • Built-in phono preamp with integrated USB output and line-level audio 
  • 12 inches aluminum die-cast platter with a felt mat to protect vinyl from scratches
  • RCA analog output is switchable with line or phono, for use with external phono preamps
  • High-density MDF base reduces unwanted resonance or distortions for better sound
  • Consists pre-mounted moving magnet cartridge
  • Low-friction spindle minimizes platter drag for more consistent speed and enhanced tonal accuracy
  • S-shaped tonearm with universal headshell for enhanced tracking 
  • High-torque DC motor
  • Removable dust cover
  • Absolute manual operation
  • 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds
  • ±2% rotation speed variation
  • 0.2% wow and flutter
  • 67 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Gold plated RCA audio jacks
  • 16-9/16″W x 4-5/8″H x 14-9/16″D
  • 10.8 lbs weight
  • MFR # TN-400 – WN
  • Warranty: 1 year

In Conclusion

It is obvious that Teac Tn-400S is one of the record players for the money. It is worth more than its price and you’ll surely have an awesome listening experience with it. Moreover, the turntable itself is a sight to behold and a basic machine for users interested in less setup stress.

For users who are less concerned about upgrading, it is a very good pick. You really can’t go wrong with its visual experience and the sound performance, the major features required of a turntable. Teac Tn-400S is a great pick and I wish you an enjoyable listening experience with it.


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