Turntable Cartridge Replacement – Step-By-Step Guide


A turntable cartridge is a mechanism that holds the stylus, which translates the grooves of a record into a signal that can become sound. Every turntable has a cartridge, or it can make no sound. Cartridges are lovingly referred to as carts by vinyl collectors. A good Turntable Cartridge Replacement step-by-step guide should be easy to follow, especially if you are doing it on your own. Generally, a new cartridge is more difficult to install than an old one, but it is worth trying. Here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

Step By Step Guide to Turntable Cartridge Replacement, Turntable Cartridge Replacement – Step-By-Step Guide

Step One

Start by lining up the new cartridge with the headshell. Insert a screwdriver into the slots and screw in the new cartridge. Once in place, hold the nut with your thumb and continue screwing until the threads catch.

First, remove the old cartridge from the tonearm. There are two screws in the headshell of the cartridge that holds it in place. In some cases, these screws are attached to hard-shell nuts, which can be reused on the new cartridge. Then, you need to loosen the two bolts on the new cartridge. Then, remove the old one and replace it. Once the new cartridge is in place, follow the same steps as the original cartridge.

Step Two

Using tweezers to separate the wires is helpful. When disconnecting the wires, be sure to keep a small bowl nearby to store the washers and nuts. The new cartridge should be identical to the old one, so you can reference the old cartridge’s model number if you are unsure. The new one may also require some time to break in.

Step Three

Once you have removed the old cartridge, gently press the new one into the cartridge body. Be careful not to damage the cartridge’s output pins. You should make sure that the counterweight is in place. You can also reset the tracking force if necessary. Once the new one is installed, place the old one to the side and save it for later. If you’re still having trouble, you can use the instruction manual to help you identify which cartridge you need.


, Turntable Cartridge Replacement – Step-By-Step Guide

To replace a turntable cartridge, you need to understand how to remove the old cartridge. The cartridge is a vital part of a record player. It is like the bow of a violin. It has three main components: the stylus, the head, and the horn. The stylus is the most important component of a turntable. Once the new cartridge is installed, you must remove the old one and the cartridge protector.

Identify the new cartridge’s overhang. The overhang, or distance between the tip of the stylus and the center spindle, is the distance between the stylus and the center spindle. Once the stylus is in place, reinstall the cartridge. You should also read the instructions that came with the turntable. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Before replacing the cartridge, make sure to know how to properly mount it. Some turntables have a screw in the headshell that holds the cartridge in place. Ensure that the screws are tightly fastened properly. Taking care of the cartridge in this manner will ensure that your record player is working correctly. After you’ve removed the cartridge, you should carefully line up the new one with the tonearm. Its four prongs should point towards the tonearm. Lastly, you should tighten the new one.

Make sure that you have the right tools and techniques. If you don’t have a set of tools, purchase one online. You’ll need a steady hand and a 2mm Allen key to remove the cartridge. Ensure that all bolts are tight. You can then proceed to the next step. Afterward, you can lubricate the arms with glue or a special solvent.


Changing the cartridge is the most difficult part of a record player, and it’s the most critical component of the device. You should take care of it before attempting any other work, as it can affect the quality of the music. So, if you don’t feel confident with your skills, consult a professional or an expert to learn the ins and outs of the process.

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