What is OM Cartridges? 



An Ortofon OM cartridge is a type of phonograph record that features a small silver ring around the center. This ring is used for filtering out the high-frequency noise or squeaking, from recordings. The OM shape on the ring is a symbol of the output voltage of the phonograph. The OM-shape is also used for other types of recording. It has an output voltage of one kHz and a speed of five centimeters per second.

Ortofon Optimum Match (OM) cartridges series features quality cartridges that match most of the tonearms perfectly, they are easily compatible with a tonearm that has a standard headshell or a good cartridge mount to produce an optimum sound.  Ortofon om20 review states the fact that the cartridges are usually tucked into the top of the mounting bracket with a removable weight plate. The OM cartridges make it always possible to upgrade the performance of the whole music system by upgrading the stylus.

There are two types of OM cartridges: OM3 and OM5 series. The OM5 is the balanced version and is known for its neutral sound profile. This ring is also known as the Orbit Pro S. Its elliptical diamond stylus gives it an advantage over the CN5625AL, and it is compatible with a variety of tonearms. The OM5E comes with a stylus that’s designed to improve sound quality. Its replaceable stylus is made from solid rubber, and the OM5E is available in a wide range of weights, and you know when the Ortofon cartridges should be replaced.

The OM 5 Series is an interchangeable moving magnet cartridge that is designed for standard tonearms. This model comes with a removable weight plate, allowing users to easily upgrade their tonearms and styli if they desire. Its design allows it to be mounted and aligned on headshells with ease. The OM5E has a glass enclosure and is made of plastic and glass material. This allows for maximum rigidity and resonance-free sound. This has vividly answered the question of Are all Ortofon OM cartridges the same? 

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