What Is Phono Cartridge Overhang?


What Is Phono Cartridge Overhang?

The overhang in the phono cartridge is the device used for spindling distance with the preferred amount of the stylus spindle. Simply put, overhang works to effectively measure the operative length in a phono cartridge; the distance between the stylus tip and the pivot point in the tonearm. When dealing with the overhang in the cartridge, the offset angle has to be matched correctly for the stylus to work virtually well on the groove.

, What Is Phono Cartridge Overhang?

You might wonder Why Are Phono Cartridges So Expensive? The effective work of the overhang complements the processes. For users who use overhang for alignment, it is quite important to get the anti-skate setting properly, the vertical tracking angle, and the right tracking force to get the best out of their turntables.  

To get the overhang in the phono cartridge correctly, the distance between the stylus tip and the center of the spindle should be fixed by the protractor. From the stylus point to the spindle, there is an overhang of about 16mm and this works to help decrease tracking error. Together with the overhang in the phono cartridge, there is also an underhung arm that helps reduce anti-skating problems.

Easy Ways To Measure Overhang

To measure the overhang in the Denon DL 110 phono cartridge, the future and existing issues should be added then divided by the totals of outstanding stock. You can start by putting the specs of the turntable in place, note a line for overhang with a ruler on a piece of paper, put the paper in the middle of the spindle, and motion the tonearm with the cart close to the paper. The protractor can then be used to perfect the headshell position. Before you start to measure the overhang, ensure the phono cartridge capacitance is in the right setting.

In case you are wondering what is phono cartridge capacitance? The phono cartridge capacitance enhances the capacitance settings in the MM phono from a range of 100 pF cables to 200.

Easy Ways To Align The Overhang With The Cartridge

, What Is Phono Cartridge Overhang?

This can easily be done with a two-point protractor. You can start by:

  • Position the stylus on the crosshairs and quadrate the cartridge
  • Once the cartridge has been quadrated, rotate the platter
  • Depending on the position of the cartridge, move it forward or backward to get the right score.

When the overhang is aligned appropriately with the cartridge, the result is superb and the turntable works at its best. Phono cartridge overhang is also an important component of the turntable setup and when rightly set, produces the best result when in use. 


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