It is recommended to replace your Ortofon cartridges regularly, but not every one of them needs replacing. You should do it as often as recommended by the manufacturer. A new cartridge needs to break in a little bit before it performs its function correctly. Here are a few reasons for this. First, the stylus is a relatively small component. In addition to this, it’s easier to handle than other types of styli. This means that the new cartridge might need a couple of hours to settle in.

Another important aspect of a new cartridge is its screw. A properly secured screw can improve the sonic performance. That’s why OM Cartridges offers precision-machined bolts with all of their cartridges. This bolt is directly coupled with the stylus, making it easy to replace. A new Ortofon cartridge should have no more than a couple of years of use, depending on the condition of the stylus and you should know if all Ortofon OM cartridges are the same for you to get the right one

You should also clean the stylus on a regular basis. Generally, this should take place once a month, but it should be cleaned regularly after a year. Changing the stylus will improve sound restitution and give your system a fresh new lease of life. 

So, change the stylus at least once a year. A new Ortofon om 20 stylus will improve your music reproduction. It should be changed after 500 to 1000 hours of use, or if the stylus has become damaged. The replacement of the stylus will prolong the life of your system. It will also improve its performance. But there’s no guarantee that your cartridge will last that long, and the cost of replacing it can be prohibitive. In fact, a replacement stylus will cost you a few hundred dollars.

The stylus is the most important part of the Ortofon cartridge. It is responsible for the performance of your turntable. It is the component that turns the groove of the record into sound. By changing the stylus, you can drastically improve the sound quality of your music system. So, why wait? Don’t miss the opportunity to update your Ortofon phono cartridges and give your system a new lease on life.  Are all Ortofon OM cartridges the same?



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