Audio-Technica was founded in 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. The company quickly became a market leader in phono cartridges and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The company’s turntable line includes affordable, budget-friendly, and professional-style models, and the brand sells many brands in a variety of price ranges. The company is also known for producing high-end products for consumers in every price range.

The company began exporting their products to markets worldwide in the 1970s. In 1974, the company began making high-end gear, such as microphones and premium headphones. However, they are best known for their turntables, which offer excellent value for money and do their jobs without a lot of hassle. These turntables are straightforward machines designed for the average consumer. Street prices for their record players fall below $500, making them accessible for everyone.

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An example of products to be churned out under the brand is The Audio-Technica AT-LP120 is a budget-friendly direct-drive turntable that offers good features for an affordable price. Its elliptical diamond stylus and plastic headshell make it a good choice for most users. The AT-LP120 is also well-built, and has plenty of options for accuracy and safety. The company has been manufacturing turntables for nearly fifty years, and they are still making a high quality product that you can enjoy for years to come.

The AT-LP120 is an affordable direct-drive turntable that offers high-quality sound. The AT-LP120 is a solid, feature-packed turntable that is aimed at the casual record spinner. Its price is comparable to the U-Turn Orbit, but the latter is more expensive. But the quality of this model makes it a better option for most people.

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The AT-LP120 is a good choice for a first-time turntable, or for a budget-conscious person who wants to start archiving their vinyl records. This unit is easy to use and has high-quality sound. Unlike other models, it is inexpensive to replace the cartridge. Nonetheless, it has many pros and cons. The LP120 comes with a built-in preamp, which is useful if you need to connect to a computer.

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The AT-LP120-USB is a budget-friendly turntable that offers excellent sound. Its HS3 headshell and straight tonearm are also great features. Both of these turntables have adjustable counterweights, and they track at a low-resistance of 5 grams. As a result, the AT-LP120-USB offers a great price-quality value for your money. It is a solid option that has lots of high-end features for a low-cost investment.


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