Shure began life in Chicago, Illinois, as a manufacturer of radio parts. Today, their products are manufactured in China and Mexico, but their reputation is worldwide for their excellent quality. Since their beginnings in the early 1940s, Shure has continued to produce quality mics, including the Unidyne series, which were used by the world’s recording engineers. Their Beta series was released in 1989, and the company has been a leader in the industry ever since.

The Origin Of Shure Microphones

Shure also produces a variety of other products. In the 1940s, the company began developing military microphones. One of its best-known war microphones was the T-30 Throat, which was fastened to the collar of a bomber pilot’s jacket. It was designed to pick up the vibrations of the pilot’s throat, which were a high priority in wartime. In those days, metal was at a premium, so the company worked with engineers to create plastic versions.

As rock and roll gained popularity, so did the use of microphones. In the 1950s, singers began using a microphone, which made it difficult to hear them without a good microphone. During the next two decades, concert venues increased in size. During the 1960s, Shure continued to refine its microphones to meet the demands of musicians. They aimed to produce more advanced models that could cope with the high-sound levels found on stage. They were also developed to pick up vocals as well as instruments.

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In the early 1990s, Shure began manufacturing their products in Mexico. In fact, the majority of their teleconferencing system sales were exported from Mexico. Despite the fact that the company has been in the United States for over 75 years, it still only exports 35 percent of its microphones, most of them to the U.S. In 2003, Shure had developed a diverse line of mics for a variety of applications, including broadcasters, recording studios, and live sound. The company also produced several types of in-ear monitors for live performances.

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Shure Brothers Company moved to 335 West Madison Street in Chicago after the Great Depression hit the country, but they continued to produce mics. During the Depression, they were left only distributors of a small microphone manufacturer in the US, which forced them to move out of the city. However, Samuel J. Shure later founded the company to make his own products and become one of only four microphone manufacturers in the country. The first Shure condenser, crystal, and suspension support system were introduced in 1930.

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Final Thoughts

After the company’s success in the audio and video industry, Shure focused on building products for broadcasters. In the ’90s, the company introduced a line of stethoscope pickups called Field Production. This line was quickly adopted by CNN. As the company continued to expand, it was able to aggressively market its products in music stores. Its products are not only popular in the music industry, but Shure has won the hearts of NASA and other industry leaders.


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