One of the most common questions I get from Yamaha customers is “Why does Yamaha put limiters in the HS80M?” The answer varies based on the model and your individual preferences. If you want a loudspeaker with a very low volume, the NS10 is your best choice. If you prefer a lower volume, a subwoofer is a must.


The HS80M comes with a built-in limiter. The limiter is a function of the amps’ sensitivity. The monitors are designed to kick in when they are exceeding the limits, so the limiter does work very hard. The good news is that you can disable the limiter with a soldering iron. While I don’t recommend removing the limiter, I personally like the way the “limited” sound sounds.

Functions Of Limiters In Yamaha HS Speakers

You might also be wondering why Yamaha put limiters in the HS80M. Generally, people don’t want to hear a limiter on their reference monitors, but they don’t want a distorted sound. However, I’ve found that a limited sound is much more pleasant to listen to than a distorted one. I hope this helps you decide whether to buy a HS80M or another.

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The HS80M and HS50M have a limiter built into them. While it might be annoying, the limitation protects drivers from blowing out when they reach their rated volume. Depending on how loud you are, you may want to try a different limiter. Otherwise, you might end up with a hole in your wall. You can also try to deactivate the limiter using a soldering iron.

Limiters are a good thing. They make it easier to compare sounds. In addition, they make it easier to hear and compare different audio sources. This makes it possible to hear the differences in your music. If you’re looking for an affordable reference monitor, you should consider this. Many manufacturers enhance the sound of their monitors with limiters. A limited monitor will be more sensitive to noise and will have a much better sound than a distorted one.

There’s a limiter on every Yamaha HS monitor. It’s an important feature to keep in mind when you’re working with audio. The limiter in a monitor will protect the drivers from blowing out. If the HS80m is a distorted speaker, the limiter will cut the signal in half, while a limitless one will make it sound like a perfect copy of the music.

Final Thoughts

Some Yamaha products come with limiters. These limiters protect drivers from blowing out. By removing the limiter, you’ll be able to enjoy the best sound in the world. If you’re planning on replacing your HS80m, there’s no need to worry. You can always replace it with another model with the same features. When it comes to the HS80m, you’ll be glad you made the right choice.


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